Chemical Hose Volunteer Fire
Company #1 Established 1916

Why Volunteer?

There are plenty of reasons. Oceanport Needs You, it's a great way to be a part of the community, you always wanted to be...

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Photo Gallery

Port-Au-Peck Chemical hose has a long, colorful history. See how it all began. See where it all began.

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Patch Exchange!

If you are interested in exchanging your
Fire Department patch, contact us.

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The 2016 Port-Au-Peck Fund Drive

Port-Au-Peck Fund Drive Form

Please use this form if you live on the Port-Au-Peck side of Oceanport. That is east of the NJ Transit train tracks. This form includes the Santa Claus Registration Form, for your children ages eight and younger.


Oceanport Fund Drive Form

Please use this form if you live on the Oceanport side of Oceanport, west of the train tracks.

Oceanport Celebrates Dale Burd

Old Timers Night

At the Port-Au-Peck Chemical Hose Old Timers Night, we celebrated Dale Burds's Fifty years of volunteer dedication.

Port au Peck Fire Company's 100th Anniversary

One Hundredth Anniversary Kick-Off Party

As Port-Au-Peck Chemical Hose celebrates it's One Hundredth Anniversary, the kick-off party helped us celebrate our volunteers dedication.

2016 Fire Prevention Week - October 9th-15th

Join the Volunteers

Learn about fire prevention at the Port-Au-Peck Chemical Hose Open House on Saturday, October 8th. You and your younger firefighters can try on firefighter gear and see how to put out fires with a fire extinguisher. See what it’s like to volunteer.

Who We Are?

We are the local Fire compay of Oceanport. The Port-au-Peck Chemical Hose Co. Number 1 has been a vital link in the economic and social life of the Borough. During the rainy and high tide periods, many flooded cellars are pumped out. In the fall and spring, fields with dry grass are burned.

  • Every Home Should Have at Least One Working Smoke Alarm
  • Prevent Electrical Fires
  • Use Appliances Wisely
  • Alternate Heaters
  • Affordable Home Fire Safety Sprinklers
  • Plan Your Escape
  • Caring for Children
  • Caring for Older People

Fire Preparedness

Conduct a family meeting and discuss the following topics:

Always sleep with the bedroom doors closed. This will keep deadly heat and smoke out of bedrooms, giving you additional time to escape.

Find a way for everyone to sound a family alarm. Yelling, pounding on walls, whistles, etc. Practice yelling "FIRE!"

In a fire, time is critical. Don't waste time getting dressed, don't search for pets or valuables. Just get out!

Roll out of bed. Stay low. One breath of smoke or gases may be enough to kill.